Three quick tips to boost your SEO in 2019 especially for Kenyan businesses

By Rova Digital


This is the best time to analyze and evaluate your seo strategy and look for the best ways to further improve it in 2019.

Just a recap, SEO is simply the process of affecting the position of your website on search engine results pages (SERPs). SEO entails a number of activities including the ones I am about to discuss below.



If you are wondering about what you would do to improve your SEO rankings in 2019, then read through this article for some of the most important practices you need to start practicing.

Add Value

This is as simple as it sounds. You should continually add content that adds value while at the same time keeping the relevancy for the target audience.

This is not just about adding quality content. The content you add to your website should be targeted to your target audience. Take time and understand your clients’ needs and what they would most likely use as a query when performing a search on search engines.

Tips to add more value to you content

ü  Analyze your existing content and look for popular topics

ü  Examine your audience and questions they may ask. Prepare content that answers these questions.

ü  Always expand your niche area, provided that you are still useful to your audience

Facilitate the browser experience

User experience is very critical to your SEO rankings. It is a good idea to evaluate how it affects traffic to your website. For example your web design affects user experience, how your visitors navigate from one page to the next.

Thus, it is important to proceed to the necessary tweaks in order to improve your users browsing experience.

Here are some of the things to look at;

  • Fix all broken links and non-existent pages
  • Make your content more readable to both users and crawlers
  • Navigation should be made easier by use of menus. Don’t hide your website menu or put where users are not used to it. For example use the typical horizontal top menu.
  • Improve your website speed

Invest more time in your content

It was even clear from 2016 that search engines focus more on the actual content rather than its optimization.

The thing is there is no point of optimizing content that is not interesting enough to your audience.

Look at the user analytics, critically monitor their behavior and see what they like and dislike most on your website. Use these insights to come up with a nice content.