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About Kids Coding Camp

Kids Coding Camp is a program by Rova Digital aimed at equipping children aged 6-18 years with digital skills for the future. 

It is usually held on the first Saturday of the month online via zoom and streamed live on Facebook. Coding is the primary method for communication with a computer. Through coding, possibilities are endless to create things such as computer software, websites, games, apps, etc. Through our Kids Coding Program, children are trained online by our digitally skilled staff.

Benefits Of Kids Coding​

1)Coders are in high demand In today’s world   where technology and automation are embedded in our everyday lives, experienced computer programmers are in demand. The advancement of technology has resulted in tech-related career opportunities arising every day. Setting your child up for a prosperous future begins with investing in highly sought-after skills like coding. 

2)Coding helps you stand out and beat the competition Qualified computer programmers are rare. Due to this, their salaries are usually high level. When a child begins to code from a young age, they complete their 10,000 hours of practice early on which considers them expert in the chosen field. They’ll be ahead of their time and will have a competitive advantage if interested in pursuing the tech world.  

3)Coding helps the young understand the world better  Which device are you using to read this article, if I may ask? Whether we like it or not, technology is here to stay. The average child has been exposed to the digital world at a younger age compared to their parents. With a background in coding, students can better understand the world we live in. This shifts their lens from playing video games for fun to comprehending and breaking down how the game was made.

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